Christmas Characters: Free iPhone App

Holiday Fun
Can you figure out one character at a time the 101 mystery words of Christmas? Latest version is Game Center supported. Earn achievements and compare your score against other players.

Christmas Characters App screen shot

Christmas Characters App screen shot

Game Play
Basic concept of the game is pretty straight forward: figure out the mystery word(s). By clicking on the letter buttons you will either have guessed a letter within the word and it will be revealed OR it was not in the word and you lose an ornament.

The word is finished when you guess all the letters in the word or miss 8 times (losing all your ornaments). A game consists of 50 words. Your score is posted to Game Center after you complete a game. You can play multiple games to try and top your high score.

The Christmas themed words come from the biblical story, popular season songs and stories, regional food, and general Christmas happenings.

As the game progresses the screen updates to show correct/incorrect guesses. For the example below note that correct guesses were made: A, I, C which appear in the mystery word. Incorrect guessed were made: E, O, U, B, D, E which have resulted in only two ornaments left.

Example Game Play

Example Game Play

A few other notes:

Once a letter is guessed the letter button cannot be clicked a second time.

Once the first incorrect letter is guessed a clue will appear (ie, “december holiday”).

A game history has been maintained from previous words. The green box shows that 2 mystery words were correctly solved.

Scoring is based on how many ornaments remain when a word is completed. The more ornaments the more points.

You can click the Scores button to see your current stats, view Game Center screens, and seeing the Scoring details (points per misses).

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